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I'm using the following formula to determine whether the actual delivery time of a Tray was achieved at or before the scheduled delivery time. 


Where the scheduled delivery time (J41677) = 02/19/2021 12:45 PM and the actual delivery time (N41677) was 2/19/2021 at 01:03PM

However Excel is giving me a "Y" result, when it should be a "N"

I've noticed this only seems to be happening when the times switch from 12-something PM to 1-something PM. 


How can I get my formula to work? 

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I cannot reproduce the problem:



Could you attach a small sample workbook that demonstrates the problem, without sensitive/proprietary information?

Thank you, I realized the problem. I didn't have the cells in a "time" format and it wasn't comparing them appropriately. Once I changed the cells to a "time" format, the formula worked.