Date and time combined in data extract...

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I've extracted some CSV data and the date and time information occurs in the same cell (some cells are empty) in such a way excel cannot recognise it, please see below,


Apr 23, 2021 12:05:39 PM


I can see where the date and time is, is there a formula or macro I could run to split the date and time into separate cells?





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@tony9i9i9i Provided that the timestamp is a real date/time value and let's say it's in A1, then you can use =INT(A1) to extract the date value and =MOD(A1,1) to extract the time value. Format the cells as a date and time respectively.

Are they texts or true datetime value?

@Riny_van_Eekelen Thanks Riny, but that just returned a value error in both cases.

I'm not sure Harun, I suspect in the CSV extract they have become text, how would I tell for sure?

@tony9i9i9i Assuming the data is in A1 and there aren't any strange spacing issues in the data,


This will get the date:



This will get the time:



Set the formatting accordingly.

Take the date out of a date and time. generic recipe =INT(date) The INT function can be used to extract the date portion of a date that also contains time (i.e., a datetime). Excel uses a system where times are fractional values and dates are serial numbers to handle dates and time. Date and time are used to calculate time.
Thanks for the responses guys, I went with something simpler, I did four find and replaces, replacing the four digit year and its trailing space with a four digit year and a -, then I used a text function to take the text before the - and the text after the -.