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Hi all! I'm looking for a little bit of help regarding Date & Time picker. 

I'm comfortable inserting a date picker and also how to do it as a time as well. What I'm looking to do is this: 


Column 1: Date 

Column 2: Time (with time zone selector IF possible)

Column 3: Australian time zone equivalent to column 2


How do I do this? I know how to date picker on multiple cells, so that is all good. But I want to separate the date and time in separate columns. The ultimate goal is to have a time picker with a time zone and then another column which will automatically add hours to automatically generate the corresponding Australian time zone. 


I find when I go to put a second time picker in (for the time) I can't get the coding right. Anyone can help on this? I have the correct coding for the date, but the time just doesn't work. Hope i'm making sense. 


Also, is it possible to select a cell with a time plus a time zone in a drop down box of some sort? Open to other suggestions on what would be the easiest way to do this. 



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Hi @stephanieporter

Although it might not be exactly what you are looking for, but it's good to know about some options available as add-inns in the Microsoft Store.

I frequently use in my projects the "Mini Calendar and Date Picker" to add any date to a cell with a click. I also see in the Microsoft Store a "Date and Time" add in but I did not use it before. You may try it.


To access FREE add-ins from the Microsoft Store, go to the insert Tab >> Get Add-ins >> Office Add-ins >> Search >> Select what you want >> click Add.

Note some Add-ins are not free.



Hope that helps

Nabil Mourad

Hi, @nabilmourad 


Thanks so much for your reply, however I'm doing this on my work computer and my organisation has configured our systems to block ad ins. 


Do you have any other suggestions? Is there a formula I can use to achieve this? Or how I can use the macros to have 2 instances of Date and Time picker in the same spreadsheet? 



Wondering if anyone can still help with the date and time picker? 

I want a date in one column and a second "time only" picker in a second column. But the coding doesn't seem to work. Any help on this?