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I'm building a database on excel for employees. I have created 7 pages . 


page 1 main menu - shows how many employees and their ID numbers in a list . 


pages 2-7 are the subcategories/ departments which the employees work 

We assign each employee an ID number.


Is it possible that if i assign a number to an employee on page 5 it can show up automatically on page one in the list?


If so - please can someone help me figure a formula? Thank you!


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Is the ID already available on page 1? In that case you can use VLOOKUP or INDEX and MATCH.



Since you are still developing your database, I would recommend you to divert from your plan to create one list per department. In stead, create one list of all your relevant employee information and include a column that holds the department. You can then easily create summaries (e.g. headcount, FTE, by business unit, by department, by gender), similar to what you describe as what you have in your main menu. The best way would be to familiarise yourself with Pivot Tables and or Filters.

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