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HI All,


I am wanting to use Data Validation to give me a drop-down list on Spreadsheet A from Spreadsheet B.


Both Spreadsheets are saved onto the same server, and I have access to both however when trying to select the source of information for the data validation, Excel is not recognising the Spreadsheet B selection. Both sheets are worked on via Teams/ Browser FYI, Any support would be appreciated.

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From all indications, you're trying to do something not supported by Data Validation--use a list in another spreadsheet/workbook as the source. 


That said, if it is essential that the list in B be the source for the data validation in A, I was able to use FILTER in A to retrieve a list dynamically from B (dynamically meaning it would grow as the original in B grew).

The formula in cell E3 of spreadsheet A is


and the data validation dialog box looks like this