Data validation issue

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Hi! Is anyone else having this issue, or maybe experienced it in the past...

When I open my excel files which are downloaded via drop box, it comes up with an error message ' We found a problem some content' It asks if I would like to recover as much as possible. If I hit yes, it removes my data validation options from my spreadsheet and I have to reinstall them every time I open the workbook.

Any ideas please? This was working perfectly fine for 2 years, and now all of a sudden isn't!

I have tried copying all the info into a new work book, it still happens. 

I have tried moving the list onto the same worksheet, still happens.

Thank you 

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I'd start with Protected View settings. Try toggling off protected view for internet files.
More details:


If the error persists beyond adjusted protected view settings, there's a possibility it's a registry error. I've seen plenty of these errors and will go for the reg key when the simple troubleshooting steps don't resolve the issue.