data validation /input messages/drill downs

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I have 3 questions:

1.  I have copied a template and in the template created a pulldown list with (blank space, Monday SA group, Wed Anger group, Individual session, Saturday SA group, no show)..  I would like the blank space to represent = 0 and all other values to show the type of session in the spreadsheet and underneath = 1 so that my column can add all sessions attended that week.  Can I do this?


2. In this template there are input messages on almost every cell..!!  Is there a way to turn them off globally so I don't have to visit every single cell and go to data validation to unclick the box?


3.  I have created another spreadsheet (from a template again) that tracks all clients (their parole officers, assessment type, phone number) and when I drilldown on the name of the client I get the template of the session tracker spreadsheet (mentioned above) but it is the same file for each record drilled down on.  I would like all the fields for each record drilled down on to automatically populate the fields of that record on the top of the session spreadsheet for that client and the counselors and parole officers can track each clients sessions and monies paid.  How do I drilldown to a new template spreadsheet for each client with their information already populated on the top of the second (session) spreadsheet?  Right now I am just getting the same blank template for every client name drilled down on and it's not populated with data from the fields of the record prior.


Cindee Dickens

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