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Good afternoon.


I realise there's not a solution to this, but I have just spent an hour with MS technical support who advised I start a discussion as there may be more chance that MS will pick this up and make much-needed changes!


Regardless whether you are within the DV Input Message character limit, the 'view' box on the sheet does not show a good chunk of text at the end (if you have used text up to, but not over, the limit).  For example, I have a DV DDL with the first letters of actions (i.e., A, DC, D, etc.).  I then have a DV Input Message box for the Key, i.e.:



   Input message

      A = Away

      DC = Daily Call

      D = Disclaimer



I have 14 actions, and the bottom three are not showing on the DV input message.


You cannot resize the box.  You cannot change the format in DV.  You cannot do anything to make visible the missing text.


Very, very annoying; and I know I'm not alone who finds this frustrating!  Please, please, please MS - sort it out!


I am now having to use a workaround that I didn't want!  Thanks Microsoft.


p.s. it would also be really handy to increase the character limit!


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Unfortunately, I cannot infer from your text what exactly is being searched for. In this case,

the translation is probably more of an obstacle than an aid.

With your permission, I would like to recommend that you insert a file (without sensitive data),

explain your project / topic / problem on the basis of this file, as detailed as possible.

So you can be sure that you will get the best possible solution.

At the same time it is a great help for everyone who wants to help.

Knowing the Excel version and the operating system would be of great benefit ... for you:).

Helpers are there to help, you have to swing the project yourself.

Read the first Post in this Forum: Welcome to your Excel discussion space!


Thank you for your understanding and patience




I know I don't know anything (Socrates)



That's better to publish on Perhaps something similar already exists, I didn't check.

I had the same issue.

If this helps, when I hold shift and use the arrow I can scroll as far over as I need to. Also making a list, then referencing that list can give you a bunch of different drop down options.