Data validation if statement multiple ifs

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=IF(A3="850 HP",A7>16.74)=IF(A3="425 HP",A7>11.99)=IF(A3=”850 LPHP”, A7>13.24)


I'm trying to force a different minimum entry value in A7 from a Drop down list vaule in A3. I can only make one if statement work.


Any suggestions??



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It's like

=IF(A3="850 HP",A7>16.74,IF(A3="425 HP",A7>11.99,IF(A3="850 LPHP", A7>13.24,TRUE)))

@Sergei Baklan 


Works like a charm!! I've spent over a day trying different things and could not come up with a solution.


Your the best!



@Timbo14 , you are welcome, glad to help

@Timbo14 How many if condition can be used in data validation for dependent drop-down list?


44 if condition acceptable?



You can nest up to 64 levels, but if you have Office 2019 or later, you can also use the IFS function.

@Sergei Baklan in excel sheet generate formula if x3=Gen dist wide Selected from a drop down then y3=data validation(M2:M5)


Sorry, I didn't catch what do you mean. Could you provide sample file or at least screenshot?