Data Types and #FIELD!

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I have US Cities listed in my table and selected Geography as the data type. From there, I am trying to add a column for IMAGE as well as TIME ZONES. For both of the issues I listed, If you repeat this same exercise, you should also see the same thing I see. Any help would be really appreciated


Problem with IMAGE: New York City and Detroit are showing their city's flag instead of the city sky line like the rest of them on my list (Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc). I'd like it to be consistent and so I want to change the flag for another image, how can I do that? 

Problem with TIME ZONES: I am getting a #FIELD! error for San Francisco and Denver but excel is not letting me manually override this error message, nor add it as a data type. 


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Afraid you can do nothing with images, they are as they are on Microsoft servers.

With time zone - if you stay on the cell with it and check formula bar, you see the formula which you could wrap by IFERROR() returning any text you wish or empty string in case of error.