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How do i get the numbers of days between 2 dates?




17-06-2021 - 19-06-2021 i want to count the days between the 2 dates(numbers of days 2). And if possible to always use the date of the day


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If dates are in A1 and B1 that will be =B1-A1

Second didn't catch what do you mean

I want to count the days between 2 date format


A1; entry date=17-06-2021
B1: Salesdate= 20-06-2021
C1= Numbes of dayes between(want to have excel to return the numbes) 3 days


Days in Excel are sequential integers numbers starting from 1 which is Jan 01, 1900 (on Windows).  Format only defines how to show such numbers. If you enter =TODAY() and apply General format that will be


Can't get it to work
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Please check in attached file

Now it works thank yo very much for your help

@hschdk , you are welcome, glad to help