Data Table - Calculation Error

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Hello All, 


I had made a data table which references a different input sheet. 


One of the variables of the data table is the original value from the input sheet. However, when the specific variable is calculated in the data table, the resultant calculation is wrong - This is highlighted in red.


Logically, the Margin cell highlighted in red should be 0.5 instead of 0.45. May i know whats the error made?



Basic Assumtions Below:

Revenue = 100

Profit = 50

Margin = 50/100 = 50%


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I think you made it too complicated.

@Hans Vogelaar 


Thanks for helping


I understand that placing them in the same sheet simplifies the data table.


However, even after combining them into one sheet, i still get erroneous values as seen in the attached file. I don't understand why i am still getting the wrong values despite modifying to the sample template as you did before.


Cell B2 should not contain a formula. Just enter 50 in this cell.

Understood and solved! Thanks for the help!