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I am seeking examples, resources, instruction re: creating a macro that will START the Data Streamer recorder ... then ... 5 minutes later, stop the recorder.


I have searched for hours on the internet for same as well as posting in several different Excel Forums. There is absolutely NOTHING out there on the internet.


Anyone have example VBA 


Win 10 pc

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Hi @Logitga19 ,
Did you find a solution ? I am trying to do similar stuff.
Also, when "Start Data" is off, the content of "Data Out" is sent when there is a change but "Data In" is not updated and when "Start Data" is on, "Data In" is updated but "Data Out" is repeated on every update.
Is there a way to have "Data In" updated and "Data Out" is sent only when there is a change?



No answers have been proposed to my question. Still no information anywhere on the internet.


Best wishes on your search. I've given up.