Data Streamer Addin not listed in COM Add-in List


The Title pretty much says it all, I bought Windows 365 Single to use the Data Streamer Add in so I can visualize all my Data from my Arduino, but it is not listed so maybe you can help me to install it manually? 

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Are you on Office 365 subscription? It's available only for it


Enable the Data Streamer add-in - Excel (

@Sergei Baklan 

Data Streamer isn't available for me in Excel 2016, any ideas on why? I also installed the full Office 2019 version and checked Excel 2019 for the .com add in and it's not there either. I work at a school. 

We are trying to use Hacking Stem Astro Kits and need Data Streamer. Our students do not have Microsft accounts or 365. 


Sorry, but Data Streamer is only for 365 What is Data Streamer? - Excel ( , I don't know if something similar exists for non-subscription versions.