Data scenario with hours displays 12:00 on another PC

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I changed my PC but on this new one, when I open a file with a scenario with hours, all the hours are displayed with 12:00.


If I enter a new hour and save the file, all the data except the last one are stored with 12:00 (I verify it with the old PC).


I've searched in Excel options and on Internet but I don't find anything.


Thank you.


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I've done another test and I've created another scenario with hours. When I open again the scenario, I don't see hours as 18:00 but as 0.75 in the scenario, but it's good in the sheet.


And now, when I open the file I've created on the other PC, I can see the good hours in the scenario and not 12:00. It's not very understandable.

Did you format the cell as HH:mm ?


Yes, in the file I've taken from the previous PC, it have the cells in the sheet formatted with hh:mm.


And with the new files on the second PC, I've done 2 tests :

- I've formatted the cells in the sheet before creating the scenario.

- I've formatted the cells in the sheet after creating the scenario.


There is the same result. I haven't found how to change the cells format in the scenario.