Data refresh not working

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I can not get refresh to work in excel

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@JohnL96 What is it that you are trying to refresh?

Data refresh not upgrading data in excel

@JohnL96 Are you refreshing a Pivot Table, Power Query ?


Can you share a file perhaps? Via Onedrive, Dropbox or similar.

How can I share this file ?

@JohnL96 Onedrive, Dropbox, Google docs perhaps. But, what are you trying to refresh? Difficult to diagnose a problem if you don't give more info.

I have entered stock name and requested Price . The data was updated yesterday however going back today in excel it refuses to update the information.

@JohnL96 I am having the same issue. Seems the Stocks data server is not functioning.

@JohnL96 Aha. I'm not using that feature, but have seen quite a few forum posts (here and elsewhere) lately that the updates don't always work. I'd send feedback to MS (send a frown).