Data model from Power BI to Excel

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Hi everybody,

I'd like to import a Data Model made in pbix  into an xlsx, so passing from Power BI to Excel.


I unzipped both, copied the DataModel file from the pbix, renamed it as and copied it into the folder 'xl/model' of the Excel group of folders. This is the procedure I found on this blog in order to achieve the result and I followed it, but in the moment in which I open the Data Model in Excel I always got an alert that says:'Impossible for PowerPivot to upload the data model'.


Said that, I have the latest version of Power BI (2.119.666.0 at 64-bit of July 2023) and Microsoft 365 (Excel Version 2305 Build 16.0.16501.20074 at 64-bit).


Has anyone faced this problem before?


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Afraid that hack doesn't work on modern Excel and Power BI Desktop, lot of changes were made in both for recent 5 years. 

@Sergei Baklan I understand. I raised this ticket because I need to implement in my project just a simple feature which would consist in the possibility to have a filter, in a power pivot, that consider some time intelligence labels such as YTD, MTD, WTD and so on.


In order to achive this I created in my Excel file two tables: Time Intelligence Selection (with all the labels per date) and the Calendar. The point is that there's a one to many relationship and not a many to one that I would need.


Do you think there's a way to achieve the result considering that importing a data model in Excel is no longer feasible?




So, that's cross filtering in both direction on model like


filter could be like


For such model you could do everything in Excel. Major part of the job could be done with CROSSFILTER(), e.g. for above sample like

Measure, new = CALCULATE(
	[Measure, old],

Assume you don't use implicit measures, but that's best practice in any case.