Data Matrix Barcodes for Excel

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Does any have a technique to create DataMatix Barcode in Excel?

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@davbin1901  I'm not sure what you are hoping for here but I don't know of a way to import an image into a cell for example but I did create a concept template to create a UDI for a product (using HIBC format) and then a macro that would download the QR code from the web and even copy to another sheet where I had product labels (i.e. make it easy to print labels with a UDI on it).  I have attached this concept template that maybe you could use as an idea how to do what you need.

@mtarler Did you ever find a solution. I too am in need to take a cell with data in it and generate a DataMatrix barcode if you will. 

In the above is an example using a macro (with help from a website) to create a QRcode. Maybe there is a similar site to generate a DataMatrix barcode if it must be specifically DataMatrix instead of QRcode. In addition to the macro based solution above (which insert the image onto the sheet), excel has since added the new command IMAGE to insert an image INTO a cell so you could use something like:
=IMAGE(""& A1 &"&margin=1")
to have that website generate a QR code based on cell A1 and then insert it into that cell.

@mtarler After many hours of reading across the internet, I found one example of a macro written that does all the codes, QR, Datamatrix, Code39, EAN13... and appears to be self contained. Not positive on this. I am hesitant to use it with respect for it being Malware. I am not a programmer, just a normal guy who uses excel. I can't use web based queries due to security reasons. I am looking for something self contained.


I can end you a copy of what I found, but I don't know if it's malicious or not. 


Thank you for the reply by the way.


sure. send it to me and I will do what I can to scan it and review it for anything suspicious
sent via PM, let me know if you didn't get it. Thank you for your help by the way. Sean