Data label in the graph not showing percentage option. only value coming

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Normally when you put a data label onto a graph, it gives you the option to insert values as numbers or percentages. 


In the current graph, which I am developing, the percentage option not showing. 


Enclosed is the screenshot.


Can anyone help me to bring the percentage option as well in this graph data label?


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IMHO, you may apply another format to data labels, includes per cents, but not to force percentage calculation within labels.

@Sergei Baklan thanks. Generally both options coming for the data label. Value & percentage. Any way I can bring back the Percentage option? Any setting changes required? 


See the example of a similar graph enclosed, in which I am getting both options of value and percentage. 


How to bring the percentage value is my concern. Please suggest. Thanks. 


That's for Pie Chart. Each chart type could have their own settings which are not available in other charts since they are not applicable to them. 

@Sergei Baklan Thanks. I think you are right? Is there any way, I can bring the percentage to my graph? Through any other formula or so, without creating another 3 columns and plotting graph separately and attaching to this graph. Please share your views. 


You need helper columns but you don't need another chart. Add columns with percentage and use "Values from cells" option to add it as data labels


@Sergei Baklan Thanks. It's a tedious process if I have to add helper columns. I have more than 100 such graphs in one excel. Thanks for your support. Keep well and stay safe. Cheers!


Thank you. Copy/paste helper columns and is not a big issue, copy/paste charts with applying new ranges more complex, but I don't know how to do that apply automatically new data labels from ranges. Maybe some VBA code pattern exists, don't know, never seen such.

Good luck!


@Sergei Baklan Thanks. The best would be to bring back the percentage option along with the value in the data table. I am not sure if there is a possibility for this. Let's see if anyone else from the larger community has a say on this. Keep well. 

@Dipil I agree, not sure why percentage isn't an option for other chart types like stacked bar charts, etc.