Data input to create multiple graphs

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Good day,


I have attached a sample workbook with data which I would like to do the following with:-


1) A separate graph created for each Biochemistry e.g. AST, White Cell count..... which will also include the normal range - as a shaded area, and the dates that steroids have been taken, marked as a vertical line.

2) The Graphs to be automatically updated once new data is input, i.e. a new date with new data.

3) The ability to print each graph off easily

4) The ability to add more steroid doses, changing the amount per day, type of steroid and IV/ORAL.

5) The graphs to be lines, with each data point marked.


In the workbook, if the data cell is blank, this means there has been no reading.


I hope this makes sense and thank you in advance.


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