Data in ongoing worksheet disappeared over night

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I use an ongoing Excel worksheet that I use on a daily basis. It was set up to auto save ever 5 minutes, I would save at the end of the day, and it was supposed to be set up to automatically save to my Onedrive. I do not close the worksheet normally at the end of the day because I access each and every day. I last used it last evening, 6/2/2019. Today when I went to open my document, it came up blank as Book 1. There was no auto recovery message flagging me like it might normally. I tried to re-open my saved document from multiple places, but it only would bring up a single version last reflecting 4/10/2019. After trying multiple recovery efforts from multiple directives online, the only version it will bring up is the one last showing data entered on 4/10. Including on Onedrive and the personal drive. When 'previous workbooks' is accessed it will only bring up the old 4/10 as well as today when I accessed the old document multiple times and it autosaved it then. Again, even though it has been used and saved daily since that time in April, including just yesterday. Do I have any other options to to try and recover the missing (almost) two months of data?

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Not sure why you would set autosave to 5 minutes as files stored on onedrive already autosave? Unless you are using an older version of Excel, like 2013?

@Jan Karel Pieterse  Sorry, I misspoke, it was set up to save every ten minutes as a preset in Excel apparently as that was not set up by me. I switched it to five yesterday after I discovered the mess and was panicking. But 5 or 10...the autosave didn't work regardless, right? And neither did the onedrive apparently which is what I tried to communicate in my post. I never had to access onedrive until yesterday only to find it also was not doing what it was supposed to be doing. Basically I was wondering what happened to the two months of autosaves and manual saves (when working on it sometimes hours daily) in Excel and autosaves to the onedrive and if there was anything out of the ordinary that I could try to try and recoup it all.

Can you add a screen-shot of where you set the 5 minutes save? I am guessing this is the autorecover setting, which is *not* a regular save!!!
If you are using Office 365, files stored in OneDrive or on Sharepoint are saved an almost any change so saving is no longer needed. Backside of that is that you explicitly have to set documents you need to remain as they are (unchanged) to read-only (or turn off their autosave setting using the button on the Quick Access Toolbar.