Data from Pivot table to other sheets - Macro

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I have data in Pivot table for running dates of stock prices with some calculations, the data gets refreshed on daily basis. There are multiple sheets for each stock name. I need a macro for data to automatically come from pivot data to respective sheets at the end of each day,


In the attached file, data from April 1, 2020 from Pivot should go respective sheets of stock name in the file.


Data from "Pivot" sheet - Column A to H

Filter stock ="NIFTY"

Data should go to sheet "NIFTY" - Column B to I

Further from Column J to AB it is auto calculations.


And same process should go on to other sheets, currently I have about 16 sheets for pilot, I need to have 150 sheets finally.


Any help / guidance for macro will be highly appreciated.


I have many similar files, need to learn to record macros so daily data can go into respective files.




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