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                I am an Excel novice, but I need to complete this little tool ASAP, I’ve done some research but realized very quickly I was either getting wrong or half answers.  I’m hoping that the folks here can read the description of what I want and lay out what I will need to complete it, if I can just get the name of the avenues I should pursue it would help me greatly.  I’m not afraid to put the work in to learn, I would just like to limit the scope to just what I need to finish this project if I can.  I am willing to branch out into any area required to finish this tool, just lay out what you think the best path would be, I will take it from there.  Thank you in advance for any help given, it is much appreciated.     

                I have a large amount of data that needs to be entered manually, the tool I need seems simple, but I barely have a rudimentary understanding of Excel so not even knowing terms has made it difficult to figure out on my own.  I need 5 entry boxes (maybe more maybe less) with this functionality.  The user will select the box, once a character is entered into the field an autocomplete feature will go into effect, as the user adds characters the entry box should narrow the autocomplete finding all appropriate previous entries. 



E_                         Ex_                       Exa_

Empathy              Example               Example

Episode                Examine               Examine

Example               Extra




                Once each entry box is complete to the user’s satisfaction, they hit a SUBMIT button which creates a database record.   I also need to be able to sort the database individually by each column.  

                Well, that’s what I need, now that I’ve written it out it seems oh so simple, but I have been stumped at every turn trying to get exactly what I need.  Please, no matter how complicated the answer feel free to let it fly.  I will abandon Excel if it’s the only way to complete this task.  Again, thank you to anyone who took the time to read or respond to this question. 

*** For the time being this tool will stay in Excel but eventually I would like to use it in a web format so the ability to be converted to this application would be excellent.

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Hello! I guess you first should go to the essentials of excel, as i can recommend to you the YouTube channel of „ExcelIsFun“. And it sounds that your excel file has a VBA Form and usually vba code behind. This vba code is not working in an online excel file. I deeply regret. So enjoy learning excel. 😊 Greets, Eva
Thank You all, I found what I was looking for
Great!!👍 leave a Like! Greets, Eva
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