Data could not be retrieved from database error on Power Query on multiple web pages

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I have a power query that does the following:


1. Access a web page to get a list of IDs (about 70 IDs)

2. Function that uses each ID as a variable to access specific web pages

3. Custom column that invokes the above function

4. Loads each row of IDs and relevant info (about 2.5k rows)


The query works as needed and shows the correct preview on Power Query (all 2.5k rows) but when I click Close & Load it takes some time and shows the error "Data could not be retrieved from the database. Check the database server or contact your database administrator. Make sure the external database is available, and then try the operation again.". 

The error is resolved if i limit the custom column to 6 IDs or less which gives about 300 rows.


Note: I already included the timeout tag in the web.contents code so I do not think its that

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