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Cant seem to figure out how to make any formula make this work.


Sheet #1 contains a column with job #'s along with other totals pertaining each job.

Sheet #2 contains thousands of purchases. It contains Job# and $ amount per purchase.


I need information pulled from sheet #2 into #1 based on the job number sum up all for example 10 purchases. Needs to search through all purchases and only sum the specified job number $ amount.


Any help would be appreciated.



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@Szymon960 Look into the SUMIF function. If you have already done that but didn't succeed, perhaps you can show the formula you tried.


This was my last attempt before I gave up.
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@Szymon960 Let's say the sheet with all the purchases is called "Purchases", enter this formula in B10 of the Summary sheet:


where A10 contains the Job# you want to summarize.

You're a genius. THANK YOU!!!