Data applied to Map Chart - Australia wrong shape and size

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Hi all,


I'm plotting my data on the map chart to show global spread however Australia is showing up tiny on the map (far smaller than New Zealand - see below) - does anyone have a solution? otherwise I will have to use a different application.






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When I manually enter the subdivisions "Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Australian Antarctic Territory, and Coral Sea Islands Territory" as text data types along with the other Australian subdivisions, then Excel charts only Australia.  



If I included subdivisions from other countries to the list as data types, Excel charts Australia and the other subdivisions from the other countries in the world map.



But, if I enter "Australia" along with other country names as a text data types, Excel won't chart Australia.



If my list includes text data types (Australia and New Zealand) and geographic data types (United States), Excel charts the United States properly (blue), New Zealand in gray, and Australia is not charted at all.  



Finally, I also noticed that even though Excel charts New Zealand, Excel is also missing three of its subdivisions (shown in gray in map below): "Bay of Plenty, Greater Wellington Regional Council, and Nelson, New Zealand."



I need to map 33 countries including Australia, so my only solution at this time is to map them by region (subdivision) which is way more work than I need to do. 



I had this issue today. Not only is it frustrating to not be able to generate a map for an article, as an Australian I feel quite insulted :lol:

This worked for me from a reddit post


1.Close everything

2. Open a new workkbook

3. Plot the same data but open it on 3D MAP option

4. browse around the 3D map

5. Return to same sheet and it should appear correctly.