Data anlytics Using Excel

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Hi all !

I would like to perform a cluster analysis on my excel.

How can I do this ?

I have tried a Analytics solver Data mining  add on, it says " No longer supported on current version ". I am using 2016 version of EXCEL.

Thank you for the time !!

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I'm probably (... sure) not the right person for this info, but maybe I can help you a little with these links.

Analytic Solver Data Mining



Hope I was able to help you and would be happy to know if I could help you.



I know I don't know anything (Socrates)


I had tried to get this plug in, it showed an error "No longer supported on current version". So I switched to excel online, although not completely I could do some analysis !!

Thank you for your time and efforts.




I'm sorry that I took up your time and couldn't give you a quick fix.

My final solution would be to get a data mining solver from the internet. There are many who have specialized in it and also make it available (of course with the appropriate amount).

Analytic Solver Data Mining Add-in For Excel (Formerly XLMiner)


Thank you for your understanding and patience


I wish you a pleasant day / night with health, joy and love.




I know I don't know anything (Socrates)