Data AnalysisPak Excel Not Appearing

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Since my laptop has been updated with the Microsoft 360, the Data AnalysisPak does not show up on the tool bar, even after adding it (file -> more -> options -> add-ins -> analysis toolpak -> go -> select) but it is listed in the "active application add-ins" in the add-ins tab. I have tried removing and readding, then removing restarting the program and readding then restarting again.


Is it possible there was a glitch in the download or has this feature changed on Microsoft 360?

I tried doing some online research and there isnt much on Microsoft 360 specifically. Below is an image of the add-in tab showing that its downloaded and to the left of Outline in the tool bar you can see there is nothing. 




Help please and thankyou! 

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We are having the same problem, it works on Windows 10, but not won Windows 11, Office 365 is the same build number on both


Do you see it in the list of File->Options->Add-ins->Excel Add-ins?





Yes. and the tick marks are there, both on Windows 10 and Window 11 


Possible reasons which I seen

- check in Trust center Add-ins -> Require application add-ins to be signed (however, in general shall work with it)

- incompatibility, i.e. Win 64 bit and Office 32 bit

- for some people helps if uncheck and check it again Data analysis will not show up even with analysis toolpak and analysis - Microsoft Community