Data Analysis Toolpak, add-in

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After checking the box for "Data Analysis Toolpak", then clicking go, I receive the message,


"Sorry, Microsoft 365 has been configured to prevent individual acquisition of Office Add-ins."


Is there something I need to change on my device?


Thank you!

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Hi @Lagcc,

It appears to be a Microsoft store configuration issue. Look at this:

This might be your issue. 



thank you. I’m wondering if it has something to do with my device being an apple product since my colleagues working on windows don’t have this issue and have downloaded it from the same admin.



Sorry, I didn't realized you added a "MAC" tag on your post.

You should go to your admin and see if they blocked something to that regards. Maybe you need to be AD registered or AD joined and your MAC is not, especially if it's a BYOD. 


@Bennadeau Thanks. The administrator of the account said there are no restrictions on add-ins and it’s an isolated issue with my device. I’ve since learned that it’s because of a licensing arrangement between apple and microsoft