Cut and paste (rows) and then change fill color of rows

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I am having an issue w/ Excel. I have a table I inherited when I joined this company. I am trying to cut and paste (rows) and then change fill colors of rows. The table does not allow me to change fill colors. I don't have a lot of experience w this software. Can someone help me figure this out?

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@casimir90 Hello! You originally posted this in the Tech Community Ideas space, which is meant for ideas for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not for questions about products and services such as Excel. I've moved your question into the Excel discussion space - please post Excel questions there in the future.

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@casimir90 I suspect that the colors are set by conditional formatting (CF). On the Home ribbon, look for this icon.


Select the cells you want to change,  click the CF icon and "Clear rules from selected cells".


Now, all conditional colors will be gone and you are probably left with the colors that you tried to add to the cells before.