Cut and Paste don't work

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If I start my computer and go immediately to excel, then copy and paste something, it works fine and I can copy one cell and use the select and arrow down to copy it into multiple fields.  But if I open other programs and try it, I have to copy and paste without the drag and select ability.  Very frustrating.  THe copy works and you see the highlight around the cell, but then it fades and you can't do any mass marking of the cells you want to copy to, but must do it one at a time.

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 Have you tried restarting your computer or updating your version of Excel?

Sometimes these simple steps can help resolve issues like this.

If the problem persists, you may want to try repairing your Office installation. 

If this doesn't help either, I recommend that you send more detailed information to get a better solution.
Read this link for information that will surely help you and others who want to help.


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