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Hello all.


My organisation is using Excel 2016 and seems to have recently switched to some kind of online version.


Since the change, I can no longer 'Cut' & 'Paste Values' only, there is only the normal paste all option.  If I select 'Copy' and then go to 'Paste' then Paste Special is available.


I raised it as a fault with our Tech Support and they think it may be a design issue and suggest I raise an enquiry here.  I have no ability to repair/re-install or change any system files as this functionality is all blocked.


Hoping someone might be able to offer some advice.




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Which version of Excel do you have?

Which operating system?

Did it only occur in one file or in several?

Cloud, OneDrive oder Sharepoint?


Please read this link, it will save you and us a lot of time and lead to a faster and more correct solution proposal for you.

Willkommen in Ihrem Excel-Diskussionsraum!


Thank you for your understanding and patience



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If Excel for web, it's not customizable.

If desktop version, you may add icon here


@Sergei Baklan Thanks for the reply.  We must use the Web version as it's not an option on the menu you've shown.  Thanks anyway.


Sorry, when as is. Excel for web becomes closer and closer to desktop version, but still has limited functionality and lack of customization.