Customize Quick Access Toolbar Not Saving

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Whenever I add/remove the quick access toolbar in Excel, either "for all documents (default)" or "for book1" and then select ok, it does not save. I also tried exporting, then importing, issue persist.


I would like to remove the "save, undo, redo, turn autosave on/off" tools from the quick access toolbar. 


Anyone have any suggestions I can try or maybe I'm doing something wrong? I've attached a screenshot of what I'm referring to. Thank you in advance for your assistance.





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same problem occurred today, I can add/remove the new quick access toolbar, but cannot remove the suddenly add "undo" & "redo" button

@妤 刘 

I have the exact same issue. This is only very recent, as of two days.


Every time I open a new window the autosave, Undo & redo buttons reappear.


It's extremely annoying

Have had the same issue for the past week or so, please help fix
Updating Office to the latest build resolved the issue for me.