Custom subtotal in a pivot table

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I have a pivot table with subtotal showing sales across various sizes running along a row ,I wanted to add a line below this showing a custom subtotal ofeach value a + 25%. So another words if the sub total for one size was 100, below it I'd like to see 125 etc etc for each value in the row. Thanks Eqa

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@Eqa33 It all depends on how your pivot table looks like. Can imagine that you have rows with products and sales figures per size in columns. You can insert a so-called Calculated Field. This creates extra columns. Alternatively, you insert a Calculated Item for every single product. The Calculated Item option, probably come closest to what you asked for, but neither option is particularly elegant, in my opinion.


Have attached a workbook with examples of how it could look like. If this is totally different from your actual situation, you need to be a bit more specific.



Row LabelsSum of U1Sum of U2Sum of U3Sum of U4Sum of U7Sum of U8Sum of TotalUnitsSL1221CB - FRILL MULTIFIT ONE PIECE WITH LADDER LACE TRIM  - NIGHT SKY       NIGHT SKY       NIGHT SKY Total8414517915197 656SL1221CB - FRILL MULTIFIT ONE PIECE WITH LADDER LACE TRIM  - NIGHT SKY Total8414517915197 656

 Size 1Size 2Size 3Size 4Size 5Size 6TOT
Zznordstrom7412615913495 588
Swimwear Galore4886  26
American Beauty Group13221 9
Beachpool2222  8
Aktivworx NZ 121  4
Portique at Shoal Bay 1111 4
Mix N Match1111  4
Hot Body1111  4
P`Chi Swimwear1111  4
Shekki Perth 111  3
Shekki Broome  11  2
SUTOTAL8414512915197 656
CUSTOM SUB TOTAL105181161199121 820


Attached a revised version of the "Calulated Item" option in my example. Close, but probably not workable as you would have to change both Sub-total lines when you add or delete products.


Unless someone comes up with an idea how to solve this within the area of the pivot table, I suggest you  pick-up the total and perform the 25% calculation outside the pivot table (also in the example).