Custom Sheet View is not working in Office 365

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Just looking for a bit of help.

I might know the answer but I just need someone to confirm the reason why Sheet View is not working.


My excel file is shared with nearly 40 people in my organisation.

It consists of 2 types of sheets.

1 - Sheet with 18 tables grouped broken up into each country (there is only one sheet of this type).

2 - Sheet with 1 table only.


Sheet views is working no problem on the Sheets with one table only and no grouped rows.

However, Sheet views is not working on the Sheet with multiple tables.


I want to create a custom Sheet View for a particular supervisor so they can just choose for example "Ronan Team" and it will display all the agents for that particular team. Some supervisors can have agents spread across multiple countries hence why it's split up into countries.


However, any time I try and cusom filter to create this particular sheet view I always get the same notification.


Basically the problem is first encountered when I want to click "Do this just for me" in the filter option.



Once I do this, I get this error message



Because I could have multiple people using the file at any time, I really would like to use Sheet Views but I keep getting this error message.


When I click "Do this for everyone" I don't get the error message. That's not a solution anyway because I don't want to make the data jump around while other people are using it.


I think it might be because I have the data set up into nearly 18 groups on one sheet.

But I just need someone to either confirm that is the issue or offer a solution.


Thanks very much,



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So why not have all countries toegther in one table? If you sort the table with the country column as the first sort key you should be OK?

@Jan Karel Pieterse I have it so that each country has statistics next to it as the file is being updated. I don't think I can do that if I have only one table? I want each country seperated into groups, each table with a total row that counts up averages and totals and most common topic etc. it's a bit complicated but I don't see any other way than have a table for each country.

Hmm. There is always a trade-off between trying to have everything on one sheet (which complicates analysis further down the line) and separating data from logic (which does mean separation, so you can't easily view statistics on your data at the same time as viewing your data). I prefer the latter as you can have a stats worksheet with just a pivot table showing the stats of a country (or multiple countries).
I have the same issue. I want this either fixed or a equally efficient work around (say another way to group subheadings in a table, in your case by countries)
I think you will have to live with the current limitation that dictates you can only have one table (or filter) per worksheet if you want to use custom sheet views.

This is a buggy, half-baked feature released by MS - ridiculous. If you set up a sheet view and then exit it (go to default view), Excel still thinks there is a filter enabled. This prevents the user from moving around columns or doing anything that is prohibited in filtered views. There is no way to clear the filter from the "Sort & Filter" menu - "Clear" shows up as an option, but when the user clicks it, it does not clear the filter. Bottom line, Excel thinks there is a filter set when there is nothing being filtered. The only workaround is to exit and open Excel again. Crazy this is such a major bug so long after release! Please address this Microsoft!