Custom Number Cell Style – 100s and billions

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Hi everyone.


I am currently using this custom number cellstyle so that my figures can display with commas.




It works perfectly for:





But it displays a comma in front of the numbers below 1,000






and of course it does not work for 1000,000 and higher.

Any input or a cellstyle custom number format will be very much appreciated


Thanks for reading :-)

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Delete the backslash (\) from your custom number format.

Thanks for response @Twifoo 


If I remove the (\) from the custom number format it leaves a space and removes the comma even though there is a comma in the custom number format.


The number displays like this 1 222 555 – instead of 1,222,555

You may refer here for additional information:

Thanks for your help, I have been there before and they also show the same custom number format


Which does not work – the only one that works is the one with the (/) in it.

Try formatting your numbers with this shortcut:
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