Custom formatting of text to a number

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Custom formatting of text like" 5+" 7=12... What format settings should I give to change 5+ to change it to a number so that after changing format settings, when  I add 5 + 7. I should get the result as 12.. It is done in the file. But when I do on my own excel, I don't get the correct answer


Please note... this should be done by changing custom format settings

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In file there is no text "5 +". It is number 5 formatted such way. Click Ctrl+1 on cell to check.


Thanks Sergei
But in excel when I add column with 5+ to 7, I am getting an error.It is not adding. I guess it is taking 5+ as text
Can you tell me what setting change should I do apart from General + in type


Please check the formula bar, that's number 5, nothing else. This "else" appears in the cell when you apply custom number format to it. To do that stay on cell, Ctrl+1, select Custom format and type General+ or whatever else you need. No special settings.

I know...... it comes like that in this excel. But when I do it in my excel, and I do the same settings...(General+), I am getting 5+ in formula bar, not 5... I am not understanding where am I wrong.
I want to understand the solution given in this excel...
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Let do step by step. Enter 5 in G3, 7 in H3, and =G3+H3 in I3. It looks like


Select G3:I3 and copy to the next row, into G4:I4. You have the same. Now stay on G4, Ctrl+1, Number->Custom and type General "pounds" into the Type: bar


Click Ok

Same for H4

In I4 it could be


Please check in attached file.

Thankyou Sergei
Thankyou so much Sergei.... My issue is resolved... Thanks a bunch
Your explanation was really helpful

@Aarush1950 , you are welcome