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Good morning! I am unable to create a conversion for a custom number. What I mean is I have a slew of dates, such as 620119, that I need to convert in Excel. 620119 is actually is Jan. 1, 1962. Here is where it gets tricky - Rather than just converting 620119 to 62/01/19, I need it to match prior work. What I want is to convert 620119 to 01/19/62. Is that clear? Is that possible? H E L P ! and thank you.

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Select a column with values such as 620119.

On the Data tab of the ribbon, click Text to Columns.

Click Next >, then click Next > again.

In step 3, select Date, and select YMD from the dropdown next to the Date check box.

Click Finish.

If necessary, set the number format of the column to mm/dd/yy,

Incredible! I am sure this is 'old hat' to you, but to me it is outstanding. Much appreciated. What can i say but WOW!