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I have 3 different worksheets in the same workbook that we use to track jobs for 3 different types of customers. We have a status on each job that we update as it goes through the production process. We update the status once it has completed one stage. We have hundreds of jobs on the go at any one time. We will updated dozens of jobs at once to the new status and currently are doing it manually across all 3 worksheets by doing Crtl +F and then typing in the new status. I am looking for a way to be able to create a macro or something within Power Bi that will let me enter all the jobs I want to update in one column (list) the status I want them to be updated to and then have the cells on the 3 worksheets be updated accordingly from this list. Like to have the update list on a separate worksheet to make cleaner in the workbook. The people that use the workbook are not excel saavy at all and the simpler and easier I can make it for them the better. I am aware of replace and substitute but trying to figure out how I can automatically go to the cell containing the job number I am trying to find and then update the status without the formula remaining in the cell as well. Again simple as possible to make it less time consuming to search each one at a time and type in the replacement valeu. 

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Best keep entries in one place. Then use a formula like XLOOKUP in the other locations to find the appropriate information where you entered it.