Custom Data Types

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I really like the new Data Type concept for Geograhy and Stock data...  Is there a way to create custom Data Types?  This would be a very powerful way to make certain Enterprise data accessible to a broad audience, due to the simple syntax and ease of use.



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Thomas, with E3/E5 you may create featured tables within Power BI environment, with them custom data types are available in Excel. Another option is in the latest Insiders builds, you may create custom data type by Power Query. At the moment an option is for beta insiders, you may check on Office insider site, somewhere in blogs.

@Sergei Baklan NICE!!!  I was hoping something like that would be the case.   I'll take a look and see what I can work with; appreciate the explanation.


Good like with custom data types, that's interesting stuff. Not sure it'll be enterprise only option or for consumer/business subscription as well in a time, will see.