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Hi there.

How do I add my own currencies to Excel so I can use it to format cells?

One may wonder as to why but I'm working with crypto currencies and while I could use the Thai Baht symbol for Bitcoin, I prefer 'BTC' and besides that I have other coins that I need to include (USDT & BNB).


Any advice on this?

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You may find almost currency symbol of every country in Cell format,, Currency,,, other wise you may use Custom Format,,, and create like these 0.00 "USDT"   0.00 "BNB".  or like "USDT" 0.00. 










Thanks for the quick reply Rajesh. It did get me one step closer
It does however give me a fraction of the number. Not sure why...
When entering a value of 25 it gives me a rounded fraction of 0.03 BNB
I could solve it through a formula but I assume there is a better way of doing it

Any tips?



You may add another zero after the dot in format string. More about custom number formats is here Excel custom number formats 

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The solution (in case someone else is looking for the same thing) is to write:

# ##0.00\ [$BNB]

This will not affect the decimals (create a fraction) and will output the desired format




  • Since you have not disclosed the data you have, otherwise it's working properly. Check the screen shot below: