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I don't know how this happened, but my cursor will not move using the arrow keys.  I can move it using my touch pad but I can't move it around in the workbook.  I need to be able to go up or down, right or left and it won't move.  Help!!!

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@benrankin Perhaps you accidentally pressed Scroll lock on your keyboard?


Does the problem only appear in Excel?
if no then it is a mouse problem.
If so, please provide more details (Excel version, operating system, etc.)

If the cursor doesn't work everywhere, then please check in advance whether the battery is empty (if the mouse is wireless).
Second, update the mouse driver and restart the PC, sometimes the problem resolves itself after a restart.

These are just the first simple steps, if this does not solve the problem, please provide details.
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Hope I could help you with these information.



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