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When I'm in Edit mode, my cursor doesn't move to where I click in the Edit box - it only stays at the end of the text. Did anyone experience this and how did you resolve it? I also have the same problem when I click in the cell. If I have a lot of text in the cell, this is a pain in getting the cursor to the start of the text. Thanks. 

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Part 1:

Maybe it's the "Scroll" button?

Accidentally turned on the scroll lock?


Part 2:

Edit cell contents

Basically, causes can be many, from insufficient RAM to settings in options and cell formatting.

Without knowing a file (without sensitive data), Excel version, operating system and storage medium,

it is difficult to list or guess all possibilities.

In this link you will find some more information about it:

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Thanks. I just noticed this problem a couple days ago. I was working on a file that I've had for years so it shouldn't be the file, OS, RAM, or Excel version. I tried a different mouse with the same results. The issue seems to go away when I use the mouse to scroll to the top of the sheet (I can edit in the cell or formula bar with the cursor positioned at the location that I clicked). If I use the mouse to scroll down the page, then the issue appears (I cannot edit in the cell or formula bar and the cursor is positioned at the end of the cell contents). Again, I tried a different mouse with the same result. Thanks for the suggestions though.