Currency unvoluntary change

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Hi all,

We are constantly facing the following issue on Excel - Office 365 (Windows - Desktop).


- In the file, there are cells with Euro currency format (€)

- Another users enters de file, but sees the same cells as dollars ($)

- Later on, the first user also sees dollars.


What could be the problem? 


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It depends on Windows regional settings on each of computer


In addition, you may format Ctrl+1 -> currency, select from here. When it'll be





with such prefix currency shall not change


@Sergei Baklan I'm afraid it's not the case for us.
I've checked following these steps and confirmed that all the users have € as predefined currency.





I'll try and let you know.
Thanks for your time!

@Sergei Baklan , This is what I have in the format:



If I select the personalized option, I can see this:



If I move to a cell, where the automatic-unvoluntary change occured, the format is set to:




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That's since you select default currency, that's the same as assign it from the ribbon. Let me illustrate. My default currency is pound, I may select it as


or as


In second case format is country specific:


@Sergei Baklan 

Thanks! Now I understood.

I've just set it as you explained. 

I'll do a couple of tests with the rest of the users and come back to the forum.