Cumulative Planned vs Actual Pivot Graph

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I am creating a graph of 'cumulative planned' vs 'cumulative actual' on a month by month basis. Can I get rid of the duplicates in the PivotTable/Chart where it is future months?


I would like to keep it as a PivotChart if possible as I have multiple slicers and want to keep the data dynamic. 


If I use an ordinary table and the GETPIVOT() function with an IF function that has date parameters, I get zero values which are still plotted. If there is a way to remove these I think that would also solve this issue.


Any help would be much appreciated, and I can send further screenshots or answer any questions

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Instead of implicit measure like "Sum of Plans" you may use explicit measure which returns blank if sum is zero, blanks shall not be shown.

Sergei, thanks for your response but could you please elaborate. I'm not sure I quite understand what you are saying


I mean using of measures like

Total Planned:=VAR planned=SUM(Table1[Plan] ) RETURN IF( planned, planned, BLANK() )

Total Actual:=SUM( Table1[Actual] )