Cumulative in one cell

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Cell A2=50 and range B1 to Z1 has value 5 in each cell. My question is to get column name till when cell A2 value is getting complete. Its like cumulative sum in one cell. I want to do it with excel formula kindly suggest.

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@Vijay_Kumar605 I suspect that your real issue is not as straight forward as you describe. But I think that the attached file contains a quick-and-dirty way to achieve what you described. However, it uses some helper rows in order to determine the column in which the sum of the preceding cells becomes greater or equal to the value in A2. The end result is in A4.


Hello Mr. Riny,


Thanks for quick response. It is true that my requirement is not as same as I mentioned in my question. But As it was my first time to ask any question on this forum, was not sure I will get any answer. So I simplified my requirement and asked. However your answer is really helpful and shown me new way to do cumulative sum. Thanks once again for your help.