CUBE formula to show member name based on member code

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Hello everyone, 


I would like to ask for some help with CUBE formulas.


I am dealing with a CUBE where I have multiple members with multiple properties.


Below there is a Pivot built on the CUBE and I have the account code (Natural Code) and to each account is assigned a name (Natural name), multiple Groups and Groups Names....


Would you be able to help me with a CUBE formula to show the Natural name based on the Natural code?


For example, for the first line, I would like to have a formula that would show me Group 3 "Volume Discount" based on the Natural code 94997.




I have been looking around for this and tried CUBEMEMBER formulas, but I don't seem to manage to make it work!


Thanks a lot for the help!

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CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY if you deal with an OLAP cube

Workarounds if you deal with an Excel Data Model