Ctrl Shift Down key not working. Only Down.

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Up/left/right work OK, Down - no reaction.
F8, Transition keys - all checked, all disabled. 
All keys work fine separately. To select a column I now have to go down with Ctrl+Down and then up with Ctrl+Shift+Up.
Please advise.
Excel for Miscrosoft 365 MSO (16.0.13628.20234) 64 Bit. 

Inability to select and copy the version of an app is very not fun when your versions consist of 10+ digits.

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Does the down button not work separately either?
If not, change the keyboard.

If the separate key works, go to Tools - Options ... - Change the checkbox Alternative movement keys activated.
There must be no mark.


if it still doesn't work, please check whether the problem is only with this file.

Then one would have to dig deeper, whether maybe another program, which is open at the same time, leads to this problem.


If it does not work, please inform us so that we can follow up further steps together.

If it works, I would be happy to hear from you if I could help.



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All keys work fine as mentioned in my 1st post.


"Tools - Options ... - Change the checkbox Alternative movement keys activated."

Could you please clarify the full path to this option?

If you mean Options -> Advanced -> Lotus Comaptility at the bottom, that one is unchecked as I mentioned in my first post. Tried to bounce it as well, no effect. 


CTRL + SHIFT + DOWN ARROW not selecting column of data


This is happening because of empty cells in the column where you are pressing Ctrl+Shift+Down arrow.  If there are no blank rows and no blank columns in your dataset, then you may select the entire range by pressing Ctrl+A while on any cell in the range.


If you have entire blanks rows and/or columns and if your selection range is large, then you may minimize your effort on range selection by referring to my solution at this link -


Hope this helps.

Thank you for your patience and time.



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Nope, the described there is not what I face.
Once again:
1. no blanks
2. no matter if it's a new file or existing sheet/workbook.
3. Ctrl+Down works fine.
4. Ctrl+Shift+Up/Left/Right works fine.
The workaround I have to use at the moment is Ctrl+Down to the last cell and then Ctrl+Shift+Up to the top cell to select them in a column.



Unfortunately, I cannot help you here.

I'm at the end of my Latin.


At the end I would like to ask again with your permission.

Are the files in the OneDrive?
Have you recently performed a windows update?


One last attempt, maybe it's the ScrLk button.
If your keyboard does not have a Scroll Lock key, on your computer, click Start> Settings> Ease of Access> Keyboard.
Click the On Screen Keyboard button to turn it on.
When the on-screen keyboard appears on your screen, click the ScrLk button.


Sorry that I took up your time without having submitted a concrete solution.


Thank you for your understanding and patience



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Does Ctrl+Shift+Down works in any other Office app? For example in Word it shall be selection till end of the paragraph. 


If not, as variant some driver or app installed as a service could work with this shortcut and the block trigger for the Office apps.

Not a Scroll Lock, not OneDrive. Local drive location.
Well at least you tried and maybe you'll get curious and try to find someone else who can advise.

Good point. In Word it doesn't work for down as well.
Yeah, I thought about possible service or driver issue, but the fun part is that the issue is active on 2 out of 3 PCs I have.
Old work business laptop (no issue), new work business laptop (issue present) and personal gaming PC (issue present).
Same keyboard for all three. Quite a different set of apps active on own and work PC.
There was an app that allowed to identify what hotkey is used by which process in W7.
Anything like that for W10?


In my experience I had only one case when Intel Graphics control panel eat some shortcut, but I don't remember which one exactly and exact name of the service.

One affected PC is Intel based (Lenovo laptop), another affected PC is self-built Ryzen based, so not the Intel related issue.

Hey @nekku,


I know this post is a bit older, but this has been the only one describing my exact problem. Every other combination of buttons works perfectly fine, but ctrl+shift+down (arguably the most important of the bunch) doesn't.


Please tell me you have been able to find a solution that didn't involve getting a new computer or reinstalling excel.


Kind regards.

@nekku @Cpt_Camembert 

I had the same issue, after some troubleshooting and quitting apps I found that my YTM Desktop app had the bindings for ctrl+shift+down and ctrl+shift+up bound as volume down and volume up. Even though ctrl+shift+up still worked in excel ctrl+shift+down didn't.


I also have the issue on a Lenovo, can't remember it being an issue on my MSI but can't test that theory anymore.



I have tried all the ways but no luck.


1) Key board is perfectly working - in Excel / for other applications

2) Alternative movement keys  - Unchecked (by default)



As a last attempt, try to renew all drivers from the manufacturer's side of the laptop,

Lenovo System Update: Update Drivers, BIOS and Applications

then a Windows update

Update Windows 10

...and if necessary, an Office repair.

Repair an Office application


Hope I could help you with these information / links.



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@Stefan13 THANK YOU! This was exactly the problem. It's weird though as it just randomly seemed to pop up, I wonder if it was only locking that shortcut when YTM Desktop was running in the background.

I am having exactly the same problem. CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN is not working either in MS Word nor in Excel. And I am using a desktop so not having in Youtube Music Apps (YTM Desktop App). I wonder what is locking this binding.

@tsd2k22 If your PC has the resources or if you have infrastructure available, spin up a VM with the same version of Windows that you are currently using. Install Office and make sure that the ctrl+shift+down combo works. Then start installing the software that you currently have on your computer, after every installation test that the key combination still works in Excel until you find the one that locks the keys.

If you run pro or enterprise version of Windows then Hyper-v can be activated through programs and features, or you can use any other hypervisor that you feel comfortable with, most of them have ample support documentation to get you started.


Please share your feedback if you find a resolution to help other users that have the same problem. 

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hey there, I'm the author of this thread. So from what I discovered, apparently it's related to the keyboard itself. Apparently, some built-in block in its drivers or smth. 

I confirmed that it's a keyboard issue, since I first used it on my home PC and what made me create this question. 

I then found a new job where I didn't like the keyboard and I bought a new one for my home PC and brought my old one to the office.

When I plugged my old one to the work PC the issue appeared on it and when I bought a new one for my home, the issue disappeared on it. 
So there you go. The anti-ctrl+shift+down keyboard I have is Thermaltake Challenger Prime RGB Gaming Keyboard from Thermaltake Challenger Prime RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo



I had this problem for a full week, where control+shift+down arrow wouldn't work anywhere (Excel, Word, etc), but if you change the arrow to left, right or up, it would work as intended.


I read in a forum that the Youtube Music App had stolen that shortcut for a user, and disabling it fixed the problem, so I tried closing one by one the programs that launch on the background on startup, and surprise surprise, the Razer Cortex app had a shortcut using control+shift+down for starting a timer. I disabled that shortcut directly on the app, and that fixed everything in Excel and Word.


My recommendation is that you start closing one by one the programs running in the background, and checking when your shortcut starts working again. 


Hope it helps!