Ctrl-N. How to change the blank page ?

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Love Ctrl-N command which opens a default blank page.

BUT, I'm trying to find how i can permanently change that default blank page to a page I have formatted.


Note:  this is NOT an XL startup question.  This is ONCE Excel is already up and running, and I hit 'Ctrl'-N'.  I want to change that blank page that opens up.


Any ideas out there ?


Thank you


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Yes, it is in fact related to XLSTART.

If you create a blank workbook with the formatting that you like, and save it as an Excel template named Book.xltx in your XLSTART folder (%appdata%\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART), then Excel will use this template when you press Ctrl+N.

@Hans Vogelaar 


Thanks for getting back to me quickly.


I just set it up the way you described.  It opened my formatted xl at startup, but still does not open it at Ctrl-N.  At Ctrl-N, it still goes with the default xl workbook.


Any other thoughts?

I'm on MS Office 365 Apps for Business, Subscription Product.  If that helps at all.

Thank you