csv exports unicode errors

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Hi wonder if someone can help please. Im trying to upload product onto my website using a csv file but I keep getting the following errors:-


I have setup products in the main software as suggested and downloded via csv to ensure i have the correct format/template.

Line 0 could not be read. Details: utf8 "\xE9" does not map to Unicode


I have tried this in Microsoft excel, and openoffice but the same error code exists.
If I try and re-upload the raw file template from the web provider with no alteration/additions the same error message still exists.
I have tried uploading as csv comma delimited, csv semicolon delimited, and unicode format.


Im using fasthosts platform.


Any help would be really appreciated

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When uploading csv the complete syntax needs to be spot on, if not it does not work on a lot of websites.  What I try to do is:

1. download data in csv from the website and open teh file so you can see the exact structure. 

2. Make sure you have the same separators (; or, or...) in your file as in the download.  Check if you need to use the " " signs around values. 

3. If you need to change the separator: open the csv in wordpad (right click, open with) and use the replace function to replace all "," with ";" in one go. save it and upload 

4. if you need to add " " to your values you can use a VB code that yo u can find on the internet


Being precise is key in uploading csv data.


hope this helps